Estudios Fronterizos (REF) is a peer-reviewed, digital, bilingual and open access publication that, starting in 2018, began the continuous publication of content (Rolling Pass) to streamline scientific communication processes. The purpose of the REF is to become a space for debate and dissemination of knowledge generated on borders in general, international borders, regions and border and cross-border phenomena worldwide. The REF publishes original articles that present the results of research, theoretical analysis or methodological proposals for border studies. Given the complexity and multidisciplinary nature of the field of border studies, articles with disciplinary or interdisciplinary approaches from sociology, anthropology, history, geography, economics, demography, political science and international relations are received. The audience of this journal is composed of researchers, professors, graduate students and academics interested in the study of these issues. Articles are published entirely in English and Spanish, in PDF, HTML, XML and EPUB formats.