Borders, mobility and the transborder space: Reflections for a discussion

Keywords: border, mobility, territory, transborder.


The purpose of this manuscript is to contribute to the discussion of transborder and border issues based on border studies in order to develop an explanatory framework that allows one to understand what makes a border region or space a transborder region or space. The consideration of scale and perspective from the territory under analysis is important for understanding this shift. We theorize that a region or space becomes transborder mainly through the interaction produced by the constant crossing and mobility of people as well as the deployment of a series of social practices in which the border is both a reference and a resource.
Marcela Aurora Tapia Ladino
Chilean. Graduated in Education with a major in History and Geography and Professor of History and Geography by the Universidad de Concepción. Master in History at the Universidad de Concepción. Doctor in Contemporary Latin America by the Instituto de Investigación Universitaria Ortega y Gasset, and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Research lines: migration, mobility and border. Recent publication: Tapia, M., Liberona, N. & Contreras, Y. (2017). El surgimiento de un territorio circulatorio en la frontera chileno-peruana: estudio de las prácticas socio-espaciales fronterizas. Geografía Norte Grande, (66), 117-141.