Creating success in a border school: Culture and literacy in the empowerment of hispanic high school students

  • Heruy T. Trueha
    University of California, Davis.
Keywords: Culture, academic achievement, empowerment, border


In this qualitative study the author provides a thorough review of culture and its implications with failure and successful leaming. Additionally, his discussion focus on the cognitive dimensions of culture and the relationship of academic achievement and literacy. This first part provides as theoretical frame of reference to describe the ethnographic South San Diego Writing Project where High School Chicano students isolated in the cornmunity and minimally exposed to English speaking peers improve the quantity and quality of English compositions while also increasing participation and cooperation writing activities. The author finishes exposing the implications of action research and the empowerment of minority students while recommending interdisciplinary research on dropout to implement educational reform.
Heruy T. Trueha
Dr. Trueba is a prolific writer in ethnographic education topics, whose works on bilingual issues are widely influential. He is currently Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and Director of the Division of Education at University of California, Davis.